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  The Hong Kong Business Database is a comprehensive business listing of more than 90,000 Hong Kong-registered companies.

It is the perfect tool for any organisation that is trying to reach out to entities in Hong Kong with business opportunities and ideas.

Organisations trying to source for suppliers also have the perfect tool for searching for businesses in certain industries which will be able to provide the products or services required.


• What is the Hong Kong Business Database?

In the extremely competitive economy that is Hong Kong, it is absolutely essential to have plenty of business contacts. Having easy access to thousands of ready contacts has become crucial, and no longer merely an advatage, to the success of almost any business. With the Hong Kong Businesses Database, you will gain instant access to hundreds of thousands of business listings operating in Hong Kong at a few clicks of a mouse, providing the crucial edge over the rest of the competition!

Database Details

Total entries (companies): 90,000
Entries with Website: 52,264
Entries with Email: 62,201
Entries with Fax number: 62,660
Entries with Phone number: 65,588
Entries with Address: 56,810
Entries with Name of contact: 56,820


Database will automatically download upon payment at paypal and redirect back to site. We will send you the password shortly after receiving the payment

Now with the database, all you have to think about is how to reach out to potential clients in your telemarketing, fax, email or direct marketing campaigns. On top of that, sourcing for potential suppliers and requesting for quotations could probably never have been easier!

How the Hong Kong Business Database Can Help Your Business?

The database listing is presented in Microsoft Excel format, allowing for easy reading and sorting without the need to purchase or install additional costly and complicated software. It is also easy to insert extra information into the database or make notes to monitor your progress with individual organisations. On top of that users can easily sort the entries by fields including the nature of business, company name or the firm's location. Contact information include telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses, offering users choice in the preferred communication mode.

Some other features of this database include:

  • More than 90,000 entries!
  • No more bulky physical directories running into thousands of pages!
  • No more straining of eyes or scribbling on telephone directories or
  • newspaper classified pages!
  • Save thousand of dollars on manual data compiling!
  • Easy sorting according to industry or company name!
  • Search for specific companies or key words with ease!
  • Add new columns and rows for additional entries or fields!
  • Easily keep track of progress with database!
  • Print selected pages of database out for reference!
  • Export to text or pdf format easily!
  • Easily copy and paste database into any other programmes!
  • Perfect for Marketing campaigns, direct mailers, telemarketing, etc!

Track record

Here are some real-life examples of businesses that have benefited from the use of this product:

Pixel Design is a freelance web and design company. The targeted customers are local SMEs and startups. Preparing for a Email Marketing Campaign for educational enterprises which may require professional web and designing services. Here’s how the use of Hong Kong Business Database for had benefited Marklee Design:



Prepare material for email
marketing campaign targetted at
education businesses.



Using the Hong Kong Business Database, search and list all educational enterprises.



Obtain email contact information of all firms classified as “Education” under the “Industry” column.



Send out marketing
email to all the email contacts obtained from the Database.



Create extra columns beside the listings to keep track of
marketing progress.



Use listed telephone numbers to get in contact with individual enterprises as and when required.


Result: More than 20 responses received in the first week!

Oliver Coffee was a coffee kiosk located in the heart of the Raffles Place financial district. The targeted clients are the working professionals in the vicinity. Besides providing conventional walk-in services, Oliver Coffee offers delivery and catering services as well.

Here’s how the Hong Kong Business Database comes into play in a Fax Marketing Campaign to allow Oliver Coffee to get ahead of its larger rivals such as even Coffee Bean and Starbucks:



Prepare material for fax marketing campaign



Using the Hong Kong Business Database, search and list all companies located in
the Raffles Place vicinity.



Obtain fax contact
details of firms with addresses in the
targeted locale.



Send out marketing
fax to all the listed companies obtained earlier from the



Create extra columns beside the listings to keep track of progress with the various companies.



Follow up with a phone call to companies.


Result: Orders for catering services doubled within a month after the fax

iPixel Print is a design-and-print specialist. They provide a variety of services ranging from the designing and printing of office stationary like name cards, invoices, letterheads etc to banners and other advertising material. It understands that during different seasons, demand for its products and services may come from different sectors. Here is how they prepare for a Direct Email Marketing Campaign



Determine the season,
for example the lead-up
to the NATAS fair



Prepare Email
showing the list of
services and products.



Using the Hong Kong Business Database, sort and create a list of
all businesses in alphabetical order



Send out email
according to companies previously compiled



Create extra columns using the same spreadsheet to monitor
the response.



Follow up with a phone
call to companies.


Result: Revenue increases by 30% each month!


1. While some databases have contact information such as email address, this information is part of the database for reference information. By purchasing this database you are not purchasing any rights or warranties to contact using such supplied information. Any and all applicable governing laws for SPAM/etc still apply. Our databases are not meant as 'email contact' or electronic communication lists. Our lists are supplied from brokers using direct sign-up and public information resources. No attempt is made to validate or or otherwise check the accuracy of provided email addresses. Working contact or communication using the provided email address should not be a deciding factor in making a purchase decision, these are not meant to be sold or used as 'Email Lists'

2. The fields listed for databases are the fields available for each recordset. This does not mean that there is actual data in that field for all, or even a majority of the records.

3. Price: The license granted with this purchase option is a usage rights license. This means that you can use the dataset in as many places as you would like, however you cannot sell the database or records in part or in whole. Due to the nature of delivery, and the fact that the supplied data is not encoded in any manner, all sales are final once you have downloaded the product. Be sure to ask any questions up front before purchasing.

4. In many of the business specific databases there is a multi subcategory structure in place. Individual businesses can fall into multiple category structures with in the dataset, therefore impacting the record count. If you have any questions or statistical reporting you would like done, please inquire before purchase. We will be happy to assist.

Sample Database: There is sample data available for the database. This will let you have a better understanding of exactly what you will be getting as part of this database. Some samples are an Excel spreadsheet with a handful of sample records from the database, while others may point you to a demonstration system that will display the data for you.

If there are still anymore questions, please drop us an email and we will be happy to assist..

Act now before your rivals do!

The Hong Kong Business Database is a one-stop solution to all your marketing contact needs! The Database can be used for Tele-Marketing, Email Marketing, Business Listing, Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing, and much more.

So order now and get it at a special price of HKD$600

Database will automatically download upon payment at paypal and redirect back to site. We will send you the password shortly after receiving the payment
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